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You are the captain of your own ship – but if you are wise you’ll use instruments that get you to the destination you desire.

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The Evil of Ego – 5 Steps In The Journey

Been thinking about ego and all the damage it does.  I suppose it stems from an awful mix of narcissism, cowardice (at its root), and lack of true self-awareness.  Obvious consequences include goal/task failure, hurting others, and the inability to make progress that benefits the people in religion, politics, the work place – and, I suppose, nearly every human activity.  The antidote is manifold and the way difficult.  I’d like to propose some (well)known and lesser known thoughts on keeping the few positive aspects of ego and diminishing the influence of the negative aspects:

1.  Ancient wisdom – KNOW THYSELF! This is a life-long quest and requires the inner courage to really hear others.

2.  Consider others before self. Not in a naive manner, but in considering the idea that how and why we arrange our outer world will come back to influence each of us individually.

3.  Have a focus beyond yourself – to a greater being.  In part this is accountability, in part an acknowledgment of something greater than you and your immediate needs.

4.  Have intentional “meta-narrative” goals. What would you like the people and situations within your sphere of influence to experience  If it is peace, then be peaceful – even when it doesn’t serve your immediate instincts.  If it is love, then love others more than yourself.  Be explicit here.

5.  Recognize that this is work – hard, iterative work marked by frequent failure and infrequent success, at first.  The goal is to tip the balance toward successes (your intentional goals), over time.

This is a journey, and the way is different for each of us.  But commonality is apparent – and the biggest stumbling block toward achieving a better world for all of us – is us!  And the root cause of so many of our ills, it seems to me is  – ego.

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Just returned from a visiting professorship at LSU in New Orleans. Wonderful Vaccine Research Center they are building!

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Health, wealth and success are admirable goals – but start with wisdom – and the others may follow.  And don’t be fooled, wisdom is much more than just knowledge.  In fact, absent wisdom, I doubt it is possible to thoughtfully develop and execute a long-term plan for achieving any of the goals you most desire over the long run.  So what is it you really want?

– Wealth?  No, it’s the opportunities and choices money allows, not money for money’s sake.  Many have given up their health, happiness and relationships chasing money, only to find out too late that is was never worth it.

– Health?  No, it’s the feeling of well-being and abilities that health imparts. It’s avoiding limitations that were preventable.

– Success?  No, it’s the feeling of accomplishment and service – along ith a healthy dose of legacy that counts.

What to do?  How about a weekend-long self-retreat?  48 hours contemplating and journaling what it is you really want.

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Yoda was right about goal success “do or do not – there is no try.”

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Wealth does not equal success or happiness! see my blog drgregpoland.wordpress.com

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Wealth does not equal success or happiness!  Here’s a reality check – all the “come on’s” and get rich quick websites sadly miss this important point.  Success and happiness has little to do with wealth and everything to do with relationships, passion, service, and a sense that you are doing what you are called to do.  Nonetheless the lure of these schemes is very powerful because of the cultural lie we reinforce that wealth is success and happiness.  I promise you this is worth deeply pondering, and then re-ordering your life around the things that matter most.  If you really want to be successful and happy – search for what those “things that matter most” really are…and pursue them with all your energy!

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The power of thank-you. As a faculty member, I attended the Mayo Clinic’s All-Staff Winter Party last night. It was a powerful way to say “thank-you” to the staff and faculty who devote so much to making the Clinic successful. “Thank-you” is an investment in those you lead and work with – are you saying thank-you? Two very powerful words…

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See my tips for successful New Year’s resolutions at http://ping.fm/21pu7

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Much ado is made of New Year’s resolutions – much discussed, but little accomplished.  It is a timeless story of good intentions, but inadequate tools and resolve to carry through.  I’ve discovered several things that increase the probability of success and I’d like to share some of them with you.

First, step back and understand what it is you are trying to really accomplish.  What is the meta-narrative?

Second, see improvement as a long-term, and not a short-term process.  The corollary is that progress will come incrementally.  Many people never discover this and give up as soon as it is apparent that quick, short-term success isn’t likely.

Third, Write each goal down and carry it with you.  If it isn’t something you regularly contemplate and work on, it simply isn’t going to happen.  Read it multiple times a day and get positive messages into you mind and state of thinking.

Fourth, break down each goal into steps that together would garner you success in that goal.  Make each step feasible and something you can realistically accomplish and measure progress on.

Fifth, LIVE IT and enlist the help of trusted family, friends, and associates in making progress.  Keep track of progress, and analyze the factors that prevent success.  And don’t forget – for each goal you accomplish list the reward (tangible and intangible) you will give yourself for success!

Now go DO IT!

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